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lash school “Lotus”
Author's online-course of Aisha Lashess
Allergies of the client and the master
Learn to recognize and prevent allergic reactions in your client and yourself during eyelash extensions
100 EUR / 110 USD
59 EUR / 63 USD
What will you learn in our course:
  1. What is an allergic reaction
  2. Types of allergic reactions
  3. How and to what an allergic reaction may appear in the master
  4. How do the symptoms of an allergic reaction manifest themselves in the master
  5. What could cause an allergic reaction in a client?
  6. How does an allergic reaction manifest in a client?
  7. How to prevent an allergic reaction in the master and the client
  8. What to do if the allergy has already appeared
  9. Interview with an allergist-immunologist Mirzayeva Angela Kazbekovna on the topics: "What is an allergy", "Safety of the procedure", "How the mechanism of an allergic reaction works", "How to organize work to prevent possible causes of an allergic reaction in a master as much as possible".
The main result: Thanks to these skills, in the first months, or even weeks, you will already be able to create similar works that will make your customers beautiful and happy
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100 EUR / 110 USD
59EUR / 63 USD
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