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3 training modules and over 80 recorded theoretical and practical lessons

International standard certificate on completion of course

Practical testing and verification of each job with detailed feedback

Author's online eyelash extension course by Aisha Lashess

Basic course eyelash extension

Start a career as an eyelash technician and earn money from 1,500 EUR/USD

What we teach in our courses :

- Correctly analyze natural lashes
- Choose and work with quality materials and tools. Understand their classification
- Correctly treat and prepare skin and natural lashes.
- Apply all the rules and fundamentals of eyelash extension, without stickies or detachments.
- Create a classic set
- Perform lash filling and removal
- Correctly shape the eyes, using different eye correction techniques
- Organizing the workplace
- Understanding and working with master and client allergies
- How to create a comfortable working atmosphere
- How to communicate with customers in real life and on social media?

- How can I help a client choose her extensions?
- Creating perfect Russian volume (2-6D)
- Manual and tape fan formation techniques to create any volume
- Characteristics of Russian volume
- Fast extension basics
- Rules for creating smooth lash lines and working with layers.

With these skills, you'll be able to take on your first customers, earn money and create similar works that will make your customers beautiful and happy.
- Analyser correctement les cils naturels
- Choisir et travailler avec des matériaux et des outils de qualité. Comprendre leur classification
- Traiter et préparer correctement la peau et les cils naturels
- Appliquer toutes les règles et les principes fondamentaux de l'extension de cils, sans autocollant, sans glissement.
- Réaliser un set classique
- Effectuer les corrections et le retrait des cils
- Modeler correctement les yeux, en utilisant les différentes techniques de correction visuelle des yeux
- Organiser son lieu de travail
- Comprendre et travailler avec les allergies du maître et du client
- Comment créer une atmosphère de travail confortable
- Comment communiquer avec les clients dans la vie réelle et dans les médias sociaux ?
- Comment aider un client à choisir ses extensions ?
- Créer un volume russe parfait (2-6D) -Formation de l'éventail dans la technique manuelle et la technique du ruban pour créer n'importe quel volume
- Les particularités du volume russe
- Les bases de l'extension rapide
- Les règles pour créer des lignes de cils lisses et travailler avec des couches.

The work of our students

Our course is for people who :

A complete beginner
Beginner lash artist

If you simply want to get started with eyelash extensions and acquire a clear and accessible basic knowledge that will enable you to work with confidence, make beautiful extensions and earn money.

If you're already working or studying, you find it difficult to do classic eyelash extensions, or you don't get any bunches and don't feel confident when doing eyelash extensions.

All training takes place on an international online platform, which allows you to take the course at any convenient time

Studying lessons

Recorded theoretical and practical lessons are waiting for you at the training

Get certificates

After successful completion of each module, you will receive an international certificate

Do homework

After each important topic, tests and practical tasks are waiting for you to consolidate the material

Working with a mentor

You will have a personal mentor who will check all your homework and answer questions

We've created a program of courses that will make it easy and fun for you to master the profession of eyelash technician and earn money while you're at it.

We will provide knowledge and an author's approach to the work of a great international master and trainer accredited by the LASHINC International Association in the UK and by the London Lash Pro Aisha Lashess.

720 eur
249 eur
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The international certificate confirms your qualifications

On successful completion of the course, you will receive an international certificate.

The average course rating is 9.6/10 based on over 150 reviews.

The program is designed for 3 months

For a comfortable course, you can allocate only 2-3 hours a week for mastering the material, which allows you to combine the course with work, study and other activities

Author and teacher of the course
Aisha Lashess

– 8 years in sphere of eyelashes extensions
– International top-master and trainer accredited by the International Association LASHINC in the UK and London Lash Pro
– Creator of popular techniques in the lash industry to work with L and M curls and Fox effects
– Owner of an eyelash extension salon
– Founder of an eyelash extension school "Lotus" with over 10.000 students from 60 countries
– Instagram blogger with more than 180.000 followers (@aisha_lashess)

See some of Aisha's work that you will be able to do after completing the course
Lash master Aisha Lashess

Become a lash technician with Aisha Lashess and the Lotus Lash School

We'll give you all the knowledge you need to start accepting clients right away, work with confidence, make beautiful, high-quality lash extensions and earn money.
Basic course

Training period: 3 months
- Conversation with the student
- Personal tutor
- Assignments with verification
- International certificate after the course
– Module 1. Basic skills + classic eyelash extension
– Module 2. Fan formation + Russian volume
– Module 3. Service and communication with the clients

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