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E-book "Fox eyes
+ 22 mappings"
from Aisha Lashess

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About the e-book

To date, the most popular and sought-after effects in eyelash extensions is the "Fox eyes effect".

This effect is special for me. The moment I mastered it, my life and professional career changed 360 degrees.

I have found my own unique way of "CREATING A FOX EYES EFFECT", which has become popular all over the world and wins the hearts of millions of masters and their clients.

This book is entirely devoted to my technique and my own view of the fox effect and its various variations. I will be very glad if this book will be useful to you. After studying all the techniques and schemes, you will find your own unique handwriting.

The works that you can do by mapping from an e-book

Author: Aisha Lashess

– 8 years in sphere of eyelashes extensions
– International top-master and trainer accredited by the International Association LASHINC in the UK and London Lash Pro
– Creator of popular techniques in the lash industry to work with L and M curls and Fox effects
– Owner of an eyelash extension salon in Russian
– Founder of an eyelash extension school "Lotus" with over 10.000 students from 60 countries
– Instagram blogger with more than 180.000 followers (@aisha_lashess)

99 EUR
149 EUR

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