E-book "Modeling" from Aisha Lashess

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About the e-book

Modelling is one of the most important and equally interesting topics in lash extensions.

I truly believe that every technician can create amazing work and give their clients what they want.

My main goal is to strengthen the foundation of your knowledge and give you even more opportunities and tools to develop your modelling skill.

I am offering you my second book “Modelling”from series “Lashes Forever”. It will undoubtedly be a worthy guide to the world of analysis of all types of eyes and methods of correcting them.

What you will learn

– Analyse all eye parameters (shape, depth and width of position, axis position, etc.)
– Analyse natural eyelashes
– Getting the lengths, curls and effects right
– Analyse and correct drooping eyelids
– Work on Asian eyes
– Work with asymmetry of the eyes
– Use different modelling techniques

Author: Aisha Lashess

– 9 years in sphere of eyelashes extensions
– International top-master and trainer accredited by the International Association LASHINC in the UK and London Lash Pro
– Creator of popular techniques in the lash industry to work with L and M curls and Fox effects
– Owner of an eyelash extension salon
– Founder of an eyelash extension school "Lotus" with over 10.000 students from 60 countries
– Instagram blogger with more than 220.000 followers (@aisha_lashess)

79 EUR
199 EUR
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