Group mentoring
with Aisha Lashess

Solve your work and life issues with Aisha to move to great results quickly and with pleasure

The duration of the mentoring is 1.5 months

Mentoring format:

After payment you are added to a group chat where you get all the information. Mentoring consists of 1 individual and 6 group weekly zooms. Based on your request, together with Aisha, you build an individual plan to achieve your goal. You set weekly goals. If necessary, you are provided with additional material based on your request. The duration of the group zooms is about 2.5-3 hours.

What topics and questions can Aisha help you with

– How to Improve your eyelash extension skills
– How to become a popular and in-demand lash technician
– How to start your career as a trainer and become popular
– How to become a judge and speaker
– How to reach the international level
– How to create your own online or offline training
– How to constantly receive invitations to master classes and conferences from organizers from your and other countries
– How to effectively develop your social media
– How to open your own beauty studio
– How to reach a new level if you are stuck in one place
– How to set goals to achieve them
– How to properly communicate and interact with people (clients, team, organizers, etc.)
– What qualities and how to develop yourself in order to achieve success in anything
– How not to get tired, keep up with everything and constantly improve your results

Conducts the mentoring: Aisha Lashess

– 8 years in sphere of eyelashes extensions
– International top-master and trainer accredited by the International Association LASHINC in the UK and London Lash Pro
– Creator of popular techniques in the lash industry to work with L and M curls and Fox effects
– Owner of an eyelash extension salon in Russian
– Founder of an eyelash extension school "Lotus" with over 10.000 students from 60 countries
– Instagram blogger with more than 180.000 followers (@aisha_lashess)