2 hours of the useful knowledge on development and self-realization in the profession of "lash technician" from an international top master and trainer

Step-by-step plan on how to become a top lash technician and achieve your goals

Useful files and checklists that you can use in your work

Free online webinar on eyelash extension by Aisha Lashess

How to become a top lash technician

Learn how to realize yourself through the profession of lash technician, work for fun and make customers beautiful and happy

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lash school “Lotus”

February 16, 4:00 PM (GMT) / 5:00 PM (CET) / 12:01 PM (EST)

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"8 steps for fast development in the lash industry"

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This webinar can be useful for those who:
Wants to master a creative and promising profession
Wants to become a lash technician
Has experience in eyelash extension and wants to develop and be implemented in the lesh industry faster and more efficiently
Wants to provide himself financially and not depend on anyone
Wants to make this world and the people in it more beautiful and happier
Tired of just sitting at home and wants to get a new breath of life
Why is this profession one of the most promising in the entire beauty industry
Topic 1
Who is a lash technician and what skills do he need
Topic 2
A step-by-step work plan for an eyelash technician
Topic 3
How to attract many clients easily and quickly
Topic 5
Common mistakes that almost 99% of beginners and many experienced lash technicians make
Topic 4
Fears that prevent beginners from becoming a lash technician
Topic 6
Ways and prospects of lash technician development
Topic 7
In 2 hours we will talk about 7 important topics:
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How to retain clients

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Step-by-step work plan for an eyelash

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To successfully view the webinar, you will only need:

Laptop, computer or phone with internet access
2 hours of free time
– 8 years in sphere of eyelashes extensions
– International top-master and trainer accredited by the International Association LASHINC in the UK and London Lash Pro
– Creator of popular techniques in the lash industry to work with L and M curls and Fox effects
– Owner of an eyelash extension salon
– Founder of an eyelash extension school "Lotus" with over 7.000 students from 60 countries
– Instagram blogger with more than 160.000 followers (@aisha_lashess)
The webinar is based on 8 years of experience of the international top master and trainer Aisha Lashess
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